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The Av-DEC® HI-TAK® floorboard sealing solutions help prevent corrosion on aircraft floor beams.  Ideal for under lavatories, galleys, and cargo areas.


 1.  HI-TAK® Tape or HI-TAK StructureSeal® is installed on floor beams.  The HI-TAK® material is easy to apply.  The engineered HI-TAK® gel provides superior corrosion prevention.

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2.  Self-Leveling® Green is installed between the floorboards and in seat tracks.  The Self-Leveling® Green will bond to HI-TAK® material, providing a watertight seal.

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Av-DEC Hi-TAK StructureSeal® is a pre-cured polyurethane sealant with a crush-resistant nonconductive carrier.  The polyurethane sealant demonstrates an exceptional balance between cohesion and adhesion which allows it to provide a consistent seal while remaining easy to remove.  The innovative carrier provides a rigid mechanical stop to increase crush resistance.  Hi-TAK StructureSeal is available in both two-sided sticky roll form and die cut gasket form.  It can be supplied with optional PTFE backing to provide a single-sided sticky alternative.  All four configurations are available in a flame retardant (FR) formulation.  Recommended uses: under floor boards, lavatories, galleys, door sills and on top of stringers.

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Av-DEC’s Hi-TAK Fuel Access Panel Gasket, with its “peel and stick” application method and its polyurethane sealant, offers many advantages over commonly-used grease-impregnated gaskets:  ease of use resulting in reduced installation time; no VOCs that evaporate over time and lead to voids that trap moisture which promotes corrosion; infinite shelf life when stored in original packaging and protected from UV exposure;  no use of grease, no need to degrease and reapply grease every five years, no greasy mess.  

The gasket’s aluminum mesh provides a conductive path for lightning strike protection over the life of the gasket and reduces fretting to the wing skin and door surfaces.  Its fuel-resistant polyurethane sealant fills voids and surface imperfections to protect the faying surfaces from moisture intrusion and corrosion, providing a long-term environmental seal.  The  flexible and cohesive nature of the gasket provides a high degree of environmental protection to help reduce or eliminate corrosion, reducing the scrap rate of tank access doors, decreasing cost and saving time, and improving the reliability of the air vehicle.

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