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HI-TAK® Conductive Specialty Gaskets

Av-DEC's pre-cured polyurethane conductive specialty materials were developed to meet the customer needs and requirements of the application. They are also designed for use as an environmental sealant while providing a low electrical resistance path. The flexible nature of this system provides for easy access for inspection or repair long after the original application. The system demonstrates excellent cohesion after installation, and provides a high degree of environmental protection, while still allowing for easy removal. The information pictured and listed in this brochure is just a sampling of products available. Please contact us with your specific needs.

Current Applications:

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Av-DEC’s® kits are custom combinations of Av-DEC® polyurethane sealing materials for cold application on existing electrical connectors and harnesses for moisture sealing protection. The materials are available for Military, Commercial, and Corporate aircraft  in over 50 kits. Contact us to see if we have an existing kit for your application.

These are only products that have National Stock Numbers. Av-DEC has other products available that do not have NSN's.

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