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To place an order or speak to an Av-DEC sales specialist, please visit the Contact Us page or call (817) 738-9161.

Over the years, Av-DEC® has developed a dedicated sales team comprised of individuals with both Military and Commercial Airline experience.

Av-DEC's® commercial sales team is comprised of individuals who work diligently to meet the needs of their customers. If you need assistance from a Commercial Sales Team Member contact the Av-DEC® office at 817-738-9161 and they will assist you.

Brendan Ryan

Brendan has been working in the Aerospace industry for 12 years and has been with Av-DEC® since 2008. Currently he serves as the Commercial Airline Regional Program Manager. Mr. Ryan has experience both domestically and internationally with OEM's as well as commercial and military accounts. With these accounts he does work for major aviation-based manufacturers of Avionics Systems and mechanical products. As an Av-DEC® employee, Brendan covers a variety of airline accounts both major and minor in the commercial market in addition to commercial OEM work as the primary contact for all levels and phases of account management. In addition to other work, Brendan also served in the US Army for 5 years as a Training NCO, an M1A1 Armored crewman gunner, and loader and driver. He is a graduate of Baylor University in Waco, Texas with a BBA in marketing and currently resides in Texas.

Becky Kern

Becky Kern began her career in the aviation industry 16 years ago. In 1994 she began selling PMA Aircraft Engine Parts and Chemicals for AAR Corporation. In 2001 Ms. Kern began selling Av-DEC® corrosion preventative products while employed by Arger Enterprises. In April of 2004 she began selling directly for Av-DEC® and has been with the company ever since. Her tasks as a member of the Commercial Sales Team include selling to Airlines, Regional Airlines, Business Jets and OEM's all over the country. Born and raised in California, Ms. Kern currently resides in Ohio.

Andy Baker

Andy Baker has been with Av-DEC® since 2004 and currently serves as part of the commercial sales team. His responsibilities include engineering and fleet support for all currently approved aircraft as well as developing new applications and aircraft approvals.

Prior to working for Av-DEC®, Mr. Baker worked for Dixie Aerospace as both an Inside and Outside Sales Representative for 8 years where he gained his initial knowledge of Av-DEC®'s product line.

Mr. Baker is a graduate of the University of West Georgia where he received his BBA in Marketing. During his time there, he was a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon Social Fraternity as well as serving 1 year as the President of Phi Chi Theta Business Fraternity.

Jay Hitchcock

Jay has been working in the Aerospace industry for 29 years and joined Av-DEC® in 2012. Starting out as a Structural Engineer, he began working on the KC-10A program with McDonnell Douglas in Long Beach, CA. He then worked at NASA Langley on fly-to-space aircraft programs and the Space Station before returning to McDonnell Douglas to work on the MD-11. Jay then worked his way up to MD-11 Product Manager before leaving to sell finite element analysis software. He then sold commercial aircraft for McDonnell Douglas and Boeing for five years. Follow-on to that Jay spent seven years in International Business Development with 3M Aerospace, developing and launching new products for aircraft use. Just prior to joining Av-DEC® Jay held the position of Boeing Key Account Manager for Carlisle Interconnect.

Jay earned a BSME at the University of Arizona and an MBA from Pepperdine University.

Jon Jacobson

Jon Jacobson has been in the Aerospace industry for 9 years and joined Av-DEC® in 2014. Jon began his Aerospace career with Aero-Instruments in Inside Sales. He was promoted to Product Manager for their General Aviation and Defense Air Data Sensor product line, were he managed the sales and marketing activities for Aero-Instruments General Aviation and Defense customers. He was later promoted to the Commercial Aviation Product Manager were he led the development of a new Air Data Sensor product line focusing on the Commercial Airline market. Jon has experience working with aircraft OEM's, airlines, repair stations, and MRO's both domestically and internationally. Jon earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Kent State University.

Brett Thompson

Brett Thompson has been with Av-DEC since the summer of 2015, after spending 19 years as a public-school teacher in the state of Texas.

Brett is responsible for assisting with developing new opportunities with business jets, as well as air medical, aerial firefighting, airborne law enforcement, and general aviation. He is also responsible for building the nascent commercial sUAS/UAV market for Av-DEC.

Born and raised in Texas, Brett received his BBS from Hardin-Simmons University, and resides in Willow Park, Texas.

Sean Long

Sean joined Av-DEC in August 2018.  His position within Av-DEC is MRO Technical Representative.  His current responsibilities consist of training development for airlines and MRO organizations to ensure Av-DEC’s engineered corrosion prevention solutions are installed correctly, giving maximum protection to aircraft in service.  Sean has been in the aerospace industry for 8 years and started his career as an Apprentice Mechanic, working his way up to Supervisor/Project Manager at ST Aerospace Engineering in Mobile, AL. He has worked on many different commercial aircraft including Boeing 757, 767, MD10, MD10-30 and MD11, as well as Airbus 319, 320, 321, 300, 310 and 330.  In addition to other work, Sean previously served in the United States Navy for 4 years as an Operations Specialist and Training Petty Officer.