Flammability Test

Flammability testing is required for materials used in the construction of compartment interiors and cargo / baggage compartments of all transport category aircraft, per 14 CFR 25.853 & 25.855 for airplanes or 29.853 & 29.859 for rotorcraft.

The materials must be tested in accordance with these regulations and the guidance and test methods included in part 1 of Appendix F to Part 25. The testing required varies based on the criteria of where the material is installed and the function of the material.

Av-DEC FR products are tested to and pass the 12 second vertical burn test method, which is a more stringent test than the 15 second horizontal test method. According to FAA Policy Statement for "Flammability Testing of Interior Materials", PS-ANM-25.853-01- R2. Vertical Bunsen burner test data will substantiate configurations that only require horizontal Bunsen burner testing.