SpraySeal® Sprayable Sealants for Corrosion Prevention

All Av-DEC Sprayable Sealants Offer:

Av-DEC SpraySeal® products utilize Av-DEC sealant technology to a sprayable formulation. Spray-apply these sealants with a Sulzer MixCoat Spray tool or Sulzer MixCoat Flex system. Key properties of the sprayable sealant family include:

  • Two-component polyureas that create a flexible, watertight sealant
  • For use in applications where there's no compression seal
  • Ideal for protection of complex structural surfaces or large, uncompressed surface areas
  • Transparent to allow inspection of underlying surface without removal
  • Self-leveling for a smooth even surface coat

Sprayable Sealants:

A sprayable sealant developed with a durable two-component polyurea formula to deliver complete seals when applied by OEMs, maintainers, and repair teams.

Preventing corrosion in aircraft through the use of sealants is a science which requires careful research and experimentation to produce quality corrosion-prevention solutions for specific applications. The physical conditions surrounding areas of application and the need to protect structures against nature are important considerations when developing corrosion-prevention products.

Av-DEC SpraySeal SF2470 and SF5387 integrate an Av-DEC two-component polyurea formula which was developed to create a watertight seal. Features of the sprayable sealants include quick gel times and low viscosities, to ensure they can be applied in spray form or using a brush. This innovative approach makes for the best option to seal hard-to-reach structures and complex assemblies. The benefits offered to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), maintenance teams, and service organizations include the following:

  • Easy application techniques and quick gel times allow for real-time installation and repair activities.
  • The sprayable sealants are defined by the low viscosity, providing protection for aircraft structure and complex assemblies once gelled.
  • Forms a watertight seal on aircraft internal structures and delivers complete protection against corrosion.
  • The non-hazardous sealant leaves no residue when applied or removed for regular inspections.
  • An excellent corrosion-prevention product that can be applied to large contiguous or connected areas and assemblies.

The Science Behind Av-DEC Sprayable Sealants

Av-DEC Sprayable Sealants are the result of extensive research into polyurea sealants with low viscosities for application on aircraft structures. The sprayable sealants are made from a two-component polyurea formula that delivers excellent adhesive properties which support application on vertical surfaces. On application of Av-DEC sprayable sealants, OEMs and repairs and maintenance service providers will gain:

  • A complete seal on structures that experience excessive traffic such as in lavatories and cargo bays.
  • A polyurea sprayable sealant that forms a durable coating on the applied surface and can be cleaned without leaving residue behind.
  • A sprayable sealant that passes the 12-second burn test.
  • A sealant which does not require adhesives, making application a quick, straightforward process.
  • The option of choosing a transparent sprayable seal which gels into a transparent coating that supports visual inspections.

Developed for Diverse Industrial Applications

Av-DEC developed the two-component polyurea sprayable sealant for diverse applications within the aviation industry. The durability of the seal ensures the products can be used to prevent corrosion in aircraft structures and areas such as:

  • Lavatories
  • Galley area
  • Cargo bay areas
  • Floorboards
  • Secondary fuel barrier coating
  • Engine cowl doors

How Durable Are Av-DEC SpraySeal Sealants?

Av-DEC sprayable sealants form exceptionally durable seals when applied on aircraft structures and surfaces. Case studies have proven this when applied on areas that require no further repairs. This means if applied during installation and maintenance tasks, Av-DEC sealants can be used for the foreseeable future without fear of failure.

Av-DEC SpraySeal SF2470 Delivers Transparency

Av-DEC SpraySeal SF2470 is a durable sprayable sealant which forms a complete seal. It integrates the two-component polyurea formula developed by AV-DEC. Our SF2470 sealant provides complete protection against corrosion by keeping water and moisture away from application surfaces. The durable coating is transparent, making inspection activities simple. If preventing corrosion on floorboards and cargo bay areas is the challenge, SpraySeal SF2470 is an excellent solution.

Av-DEC SpraySeal SF5387 Delivers Resistance to Hydrocarbons

This newest addition to the sprayable sealant family is in line with the Av-DEC policy of continuously developing products that prevent corrosion. SF5387 is a two-component polyurea corrosion-inhibiting product that is easily applied on aircraft structures and surfaces. On application, it forms a transparent watertight seal that coats application surfaces and provides protection even in extreme conditions. By design, it demonstrates resistance to hydrocarbon fuels. This durable sprayable sealant can be applied in cargo bay areas, lavatories, galleys, fuel tank exterior surfaces, engine cowl doors, and other internal aircraft structures.

Sprayable Sealant Application Tool

Av-DEC Sprayable Sealant Application tools are required for precise mixing and curing of the sealant upon application. Proper dispensers are essential as Av-DEC does not recommend mixing sealants by hand or using improper tools.

The Sprayable Sealant Application tools are durable, long-lasting and created to withstand multiple uses. Please follow Av-DEC priming and application instruction provided with each package of sealant.

  • UG981108-03
    1000cc & 1500cc Sulzer MixCoat Spray System
    * Application device requires pneumatic compressed air

  • UG981108-04
    1500cc Sulzer MixCoat Flex System
    * Application device requires pneumatic compressed air