Self-Leveling® Red (HT5509-2)

Self-Leveling Red
Self-Leveling Red
Self-Leveling Red
Self-Leveling Red
  • Two-component fast-cure polyurea corrosion-inhibiting material
  • Designed for use as a watertight, flexible sealant with a glossy red appearance
  • Non-hazardous formula containing no VOCs
  • Low viscosity for easy application where self-leveling is desired
  • Consistent rapid gel time over the entire range of application temperature
COMMON USES: • Antenna Connector Base • Seat Tracks • Wet Areas • Lavatories Areas • Galleys • Cargo Bays • Electrical Connector Backshells • Nutplates

Product Specifications

Self Leveling® Red
Self Leveling® Red FR
Part Number - 50cc
Part Number - 200cc
Color, properly mixed
Reaction Ratio - by volume
100 : 100
100 : 100
Specific Gravity, mixed, at 77°F/25°C (Calculated)
0.93 to 0.95
1.01 to 1.03
Viscosity, resin, Cps. at 77°F/25°C (ASTM D2556)
1200 to 1500
2200 to 2500
Viscosity, hardener, Cps. at 77°F/25°C (ASTM D2556)
300 to 400
250 to 350
Working Life at 77°F/25°C
< 3 minutes
< 3 minutes
Gel Time, 10 g Mass at 77°F/25°C (ASTM D7997)
< 5 minutes
< 5 minutes
Shelf Life - in original packaging and stored above at 55°F/13°C
Six months
Six months
Storage Temperature
> 32°F/0°C
> 32°F/0°C
Service Temperature Guide (RTCA DO-160G, Section 5, 2 cycles)
-85°F to 257°F/-65°C to 125°C
-85°F to 275°F/-65°C to 135°C
Application Temperature
> 36°F/2°C
> 36°F/2°C
Hardness, Shore "OO" at 77°F/25°C @ 24 hrs (ASTM D2240)
> 20
> 20
Dielectric Strength (ASTM D149 Method A)
> 350 V/mil
> 225 V/mil
Tensile Strength (ASTM D412)
> 30 PSI
> 10 PSI
Elongation (ASTM D412)
> 130%
> 110%
Fire Retardant per 14 CFR, PART 25-Subpart D, § 25.853 Compartment interiors & § 25.855 Cargo or baggage compartments Appendix F, Part I, (a)(1)(ii) (12 sec vertical test)

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Two-part self-leveling polyurea sealant for waterproofing and corrosion prevention in aviation and industrial applications which leaves a red glossy semi-solid seal.

Waterproofing surfaces, assemblies, and components with cavities is the best solution for preventing corrosion. Av-DEC Self-Leveling Red helps production, maintenance and repair service providers accomplish this in a variety of industries. The Self-Leveling Red is a two-component corrosion inhibitor which seals off surfaces by creating a flexible semi-solid sealant. The semi-solid sealant completely seals the area of application from moisture and water. This makes it a complete waterproof sealant for industrial applications.

Self-Leveling Red was developed using Av-DEC durable two-component polyurea formula. The flame-retardant (FR) formulation of Self-Leveling Red sealant meets the most stringent Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards for flammability of crack and joint sealants, which makes it safe for aviation applications. Using the Self-Leveling Red comes with benefits that simplify maintenance tasks. Some of the features and benefits include:

  • Protection against natural elements and other corrosive liquids.
  • A flexible self-leveling protective seal that is easily applied in production applications and easily removed and replaced during repairs.
  • Quick sealing injectable gel times, regardless of temperature fluctuations.
  • Excellent cohesive properties.
  • Fire retardant (FR) sealing options that enable the FR version to pass FAA test for 12-second vertical burn.
  • A non-hazardous sealant that does not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or leave residues behind.

A Two-Component Polyurea Formula for Enhanced Protection

Self-Leveling Red is a product of Av-DEC two-component polyurea corrosion inhibiting formula, highlighting the polyurea's flexibility and impermeability when used as a sealant. When applied, it becomes a highly flexible sealant that maintains flexibility in diverse temperature ranges. The Self-Leveling Red two-part formula provides these protection benefits:

  • High flexibility in arctic-like conditions and increased temperatures.
  • It is highly resistant to changing weather conditions which help increase component lifespan.

An Aesthetic Self-Leveling Sealant for Extensive Use

As the name suggests, when applied Av-DEC Self-Leveling Red forms a glossy red covering on the applied surface. This rich redness is pleasing to the eyes and makes the sealant applicable in diverse situations where coloring is important. Self-Leveling Red can be applied:

  • An external surface that needs to be colorfully sealed, to protect and enhance the finish of the structure.
  • To seal cracks and surfaces that require leveling to function at their optimal level.
  • With easy removal, without damaging or leaving residue on the surface of application by wiping with isopropyl alcohol.

A Two-Part Polyurea Corrosion Prevention Sealant for Every Industry

The best part about Av-DEC Self-Leveling Red is that it can be applied in a variety of industries. Be assured that on application, the sealant will hold true on glass, metal, and painted surfaces. Apply the sealant to prevent corrosion in the following industries:

  • Aviation
  • Engineering
  • Automotive
  • Industrial Design
  • Manufacturing

In these industries, the Self-Leveling Red sealant can be used to protect electrical connector assemblies, fastening systems, windows, windscreens, voids, and areas susceptible to excess flow of water. In any of these situations, the Self-Leveling Red delivers a watertight seal against corrosion. Choose either the 50cc or 200cc cartridge for industrial applications. Self-Leveling Red is offered in a flame retardant (FR) sealant, which means that it is safe to use in aircraft interiors since it passes the FAA's most stringent flammability test (12-second vertical burn).