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The information listed below is just a sampling of the Military approvals Av-DEC has obtained. If you have any questions regarding approvals please contact us at .

CAGE Code: 1NPE1

US Air Force – TO-1-1-689, TO-1-1-691

  • H-60: All products either required or preferred method.
  • C-130: Approvals in place for all products.
  • MH-53: Antenna gaskets and floor tapes fully approved.
  • RC-135: Antenna and sensor gaskets.
  • U-2: Antenna gaskets and connector gaskets fully implemented.
  • A-10: Antenna and sensor gaskets.
  • H-1: Antenna gaskets and floor tapes.
  • F-16: Marker Beacon antenna gasket.
  • F-15 HT-3000RT for wing panels, antenna gasket approvals in process
  • 1-1A-14, Electrical Manual connector potting and wrap
  • KC-135, Antenna gaskets, connector gaskets
  • C-5, Antenna gaskets, floor tapes
  • E-3 :
    • 1. Radome splice plate (1E-3A-18)
    • 2. Fuel tank access doors (1E-3A-2-28-1)
    • 3. SATCOM antenna (1E-3A-2-23-2)

US Army

  • H-60, MH-60, CH-47 and MH-47: Antenna gaskets and floor tape fully approved and currently implementing during RESET.
  • AH-64 & OH-58: In process.

US Navy

  •  IRAC for 16-1-540 issued.
  • Antenna gaskets fully approved by NAVAIR.
  • H-60: Antenna gaskets and floor tape fully approved.
  • EA-6B: Antenna and static discharge retainer gasket fully approved.
  • F-18: Legacy antennas approved
  • Products involved in "Rapid Technology Multi Platform Insertion Program"
  • C-130: All antennas and sensors
  • H-53 Communications Antenna
  • E-2C SATCOM antenna approved
  • T-44 All antennas
  • T-45 All antennas
  • HT-3000 approved in 509
  • 1-1A-505, Dual Wrap Kit and Cap and Stow, TG2010FR for contactor/relay sealing

US Coast Guard

  • Products implemented on all aircraft

US Air National Guard

  • C-130, A-10, KC-135: All products approved

Conductive Antenna Gaskets

Av-DEC's® pre-cured polyurethane antenna gasket has an aluminum carrier die cut to fit the antenna. It is also designed for use as an environmental sealant. The flexible nature of this system provides for easy access for inspection or repair long after the original application. The system demonstrates excellent cohesion after installation, and provides a high degree of environmental protection, while still allowing for easy removal and antenna bonding. Currently, Av-DEC® produces over 1000 different antenna gasket footprints.

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Antenna Gasket Installation Video