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The information listed below is just a sampling of the Military approvals Av-DEC has obtained. If you have any questions regarding approvals please contact us at .

CAGE Code: 1NPE1

US Air Force – TO-1-1-689, TO-1-1-691

  • H-60: All products either required or preferred method.
  • C-130: Approvals in place for all products.
  • MH-53: Antenna gaskets and floor tapes fully approved.
  • RC-135: Antenna and sensor gaskets.
  • U-2: Antenna gaskets and connector gaskets fully implemented.
  • A-10: Antenna and sensor gaskets.
  • H-1: Antenna gaskets and floor tapes.
  • F-16: Marker Beacon antenna gasket.
  • F-15 HT-3000RT for wing panels, antenna gasket approvals in process
  • 1-1A-14, Electrical Manual connector potting and wrap
  • KC-135, Antenna gaskets, connector gaskets
  • C-5, Antenna gaskets, floor tapes
  • E-3 :
    • 1. Radome splice plate (1E-3A-18)
    • 2. Fuel tank access doors (1E-3A-2-28-1)
    • 3. SATCOM antenna (1E-3A-2-23-2)

US Army

  • H-60, MH-60, CH-47 and MH-47: Antenna gaskets and floor tape fully approved and currently implementing during RESET.
  • AH-64 & OH-58: In process.

US Navy

  •  IRAC for 16-1-540 issued.
  • Antenna gaskets fully approved by NAVAIR.
  • H-60: Antenna gaskets and floor tape fully approved.
  • EA-6B: Antenna and static discharge retainer gasket fully approved.
  • F-18: Legacy antennas approved
  • Products involved in "Rapid Technology Multi Platform Insertion Program"
  • C-130: All antennas and sensors
  • H-53 Communications Antenna
  • E-2C SATCOM antenna approved
  • T-44 All antennas
  • T-45 All antennas
  • HT-3000 approved in 509
  • 1-1A-505, Dual Wrap Kit and Cap and Stow, TG2010FR for contactor/relay sealing

US Coast Guard

  • Products implemented on all aircraft

US Air National Guard

  • C-130, A-10, KC-135: All products approved